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HushHybrid: new acoustic pod for hybrid operation and better videoconferencing
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HushHybrid: new acoustic pod for hybrid operation and better videoconferencing

HushHybrid is a new Hushoffice acoustic pod for individual work and longer videoconferences. It comes with a comfortable, soft seat that secures the correct body position, while the handle mounted inside allows you to hang an all-in-one computer or monitor. Additional side LED strips ensure proper face illumination during video calls. This booth is distinguished not only by very good sound insulation, but also equipped with all the elements essential for users. The combination of these features creates a universal space for hybrid work, which, in addition to great design, ensures peaceful and quiet working environment.


New space for new reality

The newest model of office work is already largely based on a hybrid system, in which we spend part of the week at home and the remaining days at the office. Video conferencing and remote work are inseparable elements of a usual working day. At the same time, office presence may be associated with difficulties such as maintaining the appropriate distance between employees, or the availability of spaces for remote connections and video calls. Therefore, office spaces must be rearranged and adapted to the current needs of employees.

HushHybrid was created to meet these expectations. It provides comfortable conditions for working alone, especially during video conferencing and longer work requiring focus and silence. The pod can be equipped with additional elements, such as a holder for an all-in-one computer or monitor, and aesthetic LED face lighting on the sides of the screen, making the user clearly visible during a video call. The table inside can also be extended towards the user to provide more working space. HushHybrid is fully mobile thanks to the built-in casters.


All-in-one acoustic pod

HushHybrid pod responds to individual employee needs. Comfortable seat, an additional retractable table, an all-in-one computer or monitor holder, as well as the general acoustic comfort guarantee perfect conditions for focused work, video conferences, trainings, and online webinars. The pod can be ordered with additional, frosting stickers on the glass to ensure privacy. The stickers make the screen content inside difficult to see from the outside. With hushHybrid pod in the office the employees no longer worry about phone calls and video conferences disturbing their colleagues even if the pods are located in the center of the open space. HushHybrid provides maximum amount of space while taking up as little of the office as possible.

HushHybrid pod settings are at your fingertips. You can adjust lighting and air flow with knobs. Motion sensor automatically activates the pod for operation.

An excellent ventilation system provides fresh air, which makes it easier to focus on the tasks at hand, and ensures high efficiency even during longer video calls and work. A wide range of colors allows the booth to match the style of the entire office interior.


Distinguishing features of the hushHybrid acoustic pod:

  1. Mounting an all-in-one computer or monitor (VESA system)
  2. Two independent LED lighting systems with adjustable intensity (ceiling and face lighting)
  3. Electrical control panel:
  • USB A + C socket
  • 110/230 V socket
  • cabin lighting adjustment
  • facial lighting adjustment
  • air supply adjustment
  1. Adjustable table top depth
  2. Special window stickers for privacy
  3. Efficient ventilation system with 90 second air exchange
  4. Dimensions: 1,244 mm x 900 mm x 2,230 mm / 49 in x 35 in x 88 in

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