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Polish Flex Office Review 2021
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Polish Flex Office Review 2021

According to the latest review by The Instant Group - the world’s largest aggregator platform of flexible space - the Polish market for flexible workspace has not only survived Covid-19 but demand has now increased.

Key stats:

  • Demand to increase by 13% yr on yr
  • Term lengths have increased by 31% as the market matures
  • Average transactions sizes have increased by over 40% as SMEs look for greater agility and larger companies look to use more flexible space

As the world’s largest aggregator platform of flexible space, tracking more than 33,000 flexible offices around the world, The Instant Group has a unique market view of coworking, serviced offices and other forms of flexible workspace.

The Polish flexible workspace market has seen high growth and has quickly matured industry over the last 3 years. While the market is centred around Warsaw, Kraków and Wrocław, it is now we  expanding into other Polish cities with increased interest from both landlords and international providers alongside a host of local providers.

The upward trajectory of the market appears to remained relatively unscathed despite the impact of Covid-19, although as in most countries demand shifted temporarily towards secondary markets and out of city centre locations.

John Duckworth - Executive Director EMEA – The Instant Group comments: “The data allows me to confidently predict that the Polish flexible workspace market will expand in the coming months and years, becoming a driving force in the national office market. Increasing interest from mid to corporate sized companies coupled with increasing amounts of quality space has created a buoyant market with increasing amounts of choice for the customer looking to gain agility within their workspace.”

After a relatively robust performance last year our forecasts indicate that demand is expected to increase by 13% in 2021 with demand from small to medium businesses expected to bolster demand from the start-up scene. We can expect to see increased landlord involvement within the market over the next 12 to 18 months bringing increased choice to the customer.

Marek Ciunowicz – CEO – Corees Polska comments: “Similar to many other business sectors flexible office providers were faced with high uncertainty. However, all the locations we know on the Polish market continued undisturbed despite the challenges. This is a important message that flexible office operators deliver the highest quality and business continuity for the companies using this type of workspace.”


The review can be downloaded HERE